Motivational Lifestyle Teacher Tanya Alkhaliq - Workshops

Tanya openly welcomes the opportunity to speak at conferences, women's groups, panels (relationship, sexuality, gender, diversity, and disease)...

"Your insight has helped me to work through so much pain and fear. Thank you for transforming my life and give me back what I lost…myself."
--Yusef Mohammed-El, Ohio

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Motivational Lifestyle Teacher - Life Development Seminars - Coaching

This "LIFE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM" is a system that teaches you to enhance your purpose and ignite your passion to live a fully developed and authenticated life.

"Going through the Life Development Seminars has helped me to take control of my life and peel back my layers in order to expose my true ability and authenticity."
--LaToyia Mann, Kentucky

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Motivational Lifestyle Teacher - Life Development Seminars - Training

As a PROFESSIONAL LIFE PURPOSE BREAKTHROUGH COACH™ job is to assist a client in discovering their true potential in life and develop the desire to assume that life.

"I'm learning to breakthrough my barriers so that I can in turn help others break through their own perceived limitations that they have learned."
--Cedric Brown, Maryland

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Tanya Alkhaliq - Motivational Lifestyle Teacher


Life Redesign Expert? Motivational Lifestyle Teacher? HUH...???

To quote a friend of mine - "Managing a crisis is is learning to manage the tasks before the crisis ensues is where we fail." Fail, isn't that a hard word but taking from the understanding of Marianne Williamson we learn that to fall is not failure unless you refuse to rise, key in point, IT IS ALL UP TO YOU! Welcome to my little world of self-helps and authentic living.

So what does all this jargon mean you may be asking? What does a Lifestyle Redesign Expert do exactly? Well the response is very simple. We teach people how to live within the lifestyle of motivation. Not motivated by temporal things such as houses or cars, instead, motivated by the human spirit to learn, love, and live so as to be as authentic to life as possible.

Tanya is a professional speaker and teacher with strong, inspiring and timely messages of overcoming adversity and not simply keeping the dream alive but making the dream a reality. Tanya's delivery is entrancing some would say as her goal is not to use tricks and gimmicks: insted the power of the spoken word that comes deep from within the heart that creates a wave of emotional responses from the audiences and which proves to have long lasting learning and sustenance of deep seated needs of becoming whole.

Tanya's Journey

Tanya Alkhaliq is an intersex black woman who supports both men and women in discovering the answers to questions such as: "Who Am I; Where do I go from this point; What do I want from life; What is my outlook about life; What can I do to change my life now?"

She currently resides in Greensboro, NC where she is working to establish Phoenix Outreach Services (a young-adult leadership development organization), Strong Tower Holy Assembly of the True and Living G-d, The Harvest Group (Event Planning, Graphic Arts, and Business Development), Mother's Catering, DreamCatchers Talent Development, Nature's Apothecary, and Empowered 2 Propser Young-Adult Conference!

I'm Not your Hype (wo)Man!

Most people intend to win an audience over with a bunch of hype, pomp, and circumstance. The problem with that is that you usually only get "hot air" and still have to seek elsewhere for the needed information (but you sure did have fun didn't you)! I have learned that useful ideas and applications are best served through authentic "real life" connections and do not need to be sensationalized for people to be able to "get the point." So although I'm not about hype, I am about energy and I will positively effect you with energy that motivates and causes action to follow.

Tell Me More!

Try visiting my Frequently Asked Questions page or call me directly at 404.579.6027 or my voicemail at 336.347.8557, or you may fill out my booking inquiry form and I’ll get back to you with my availability and/or more information. Thank you so much for visiting and I am looking forward to working with you and your group.

Tanya Alkhaliq
Motivational Lifestyle Teacher